Monday, August 27, 2007

Five Phrases Every Web Site Should Include (Especially Yours)

Even the most sophisticated Web site will underperform if you don't pay attention to the fundamentals that lead to sales. Nick Usborne believes that no site is complete without these five phrases:

Free. Despite its ubiquity (a Google search on "free" returns nearly two billion results) it continues to tantalize online visitors. Offer free downloads, subscriptions, trials, shipping or consultations.

Sign Up. Invite visitors to subscribe to an email program or newsletter. People check their email much more frequently than they surf the Web, and this is a great way to reach prospects.

Buy. Asking visitors to make a purchase is critical. "The word, buy is an instruction," writes Usborne. "It tells people to do something."

Now. "The Web is an easy-come and easy-go environment," he notes. "If you can't get people to act immediately, forget it." You want people to act now. Sign up now. Order now. Buy now.

Thank You. Just as those who sign up for newsletters might unsubscribe, those who order a product might return it. When visitors become customers, your work is just beginning; and the first step in building a relationship is saying thank you.

The Po!nt: Look at the areas in your Web site where these words might make a difference. Then make some changes, and test the results. "As always," writes Usborne, "the proof is in the testing."

Source: MarketingProfs Today. To learn more, read this article.

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