Friday, July 13, 2007

The 411 on Email Campaign Metrics

You've created a great email campaign and can't wait to see the results. Since most email service providers allow you to track each campaign's metrics, you can get an early glimpse of the its effectiveness. Jeff Horsager of the blog AdGeek explains what you'll see:

Deliverability rate. By subtracting the number of bounced messages from the total mailing list, you can determine the deliverability rate. Bounced emails are classified as hard or soft. Hard bounces weren't delivered because the email address doesn't exist. For soft bounces the email address was valid but a temporary issue like a server being down prevented delivery.

Open rate. By inserting a small graphic, sometimes called a Web beacon, it's possible to measure the number of opened emails. This isn’t a full-proof method: It works only for HTML—not text—messages, and can be hampered by email programs that automatically block graphics unless the recipient chooses to see them.

Click-through rate. This is the percentage of recipients who navigate to your site through the email campaign. It is measured in the same way as banner or text ads.

Unsubscribe rate. Though a businessperson’s least favorite metric, the percentage of recipients who ask to be removed from the mailing list can help you refine the content of future campaigns.

The Po!nt: Using the tools at your disposal, you can learn from each campaign and improve the next.

For more on email marketing campaign metrics, read the blog AdGeek.

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